Who We Are


We are super alphas with the lens.

Juno Works is our destination to our potential as the gods of the craft, for the humans who we like to help out. We are a duo which photographs, videographs, produces, directs, edits and documents. In a capsule, we visualise. We are archivers of live events, and we are creators of something new.

There is no ‘about us’. There is us; and there is you.

So what would you like our services for?

What We Do

Juno Works is a Pune based picture production establishment. On an individual level, both of us have been photographers and filmmakers. We’ve spent a massive duration of time playing around with visuals in the past, and we realised that it was time we took it up as serious team occupation. Thus, Juno Works was conceived.

We are already at pace with:

In video production


Music films

Cinematic Wedding films

Ad Commercials

Corporate films

Video production

Film editing

Short films

In photography






Putting faces to the name

Hi. We are Vishal Kale and Abhishek Pachange.

The two of us are close friends and contemporaries of each other, and we have gotten together to form this collaboration. We are the ones you’ve visited, called Juno Works. As individuals, we’ve found ourselves equally immersed in media, and we have an adequate length of professional experiences to complement the same. Juno is bolstered by our toiling.

So hit us up via email or just give us a call, and we’ll discuss your next project. We love what we do and our inspiration lies in finding great projects.

A big thank you from the both of us for visiting.

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